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Maintenance Topics Dominating 2021

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Maintenance continues to be a keystone pillar of a multitude of industries, yet despite the current global situation - the maintenance industry itself has found the need to continue innovating and continuously improving the methods in which maintenance of assets is conducted. According to Partium, a spare parts solutions provider - here are some of the major topics:

Digitalization (Digital Transformation)

Digitalization is a major revamping of business processes and staff competencies to accelerate cost-cutting measures, reduce energy wastage, and boost productivity.

Cloud computing is turning out to be a major driver of digitalization, and has formed the baseline for deploying new technologies and solutions within the maintenance and asset management sectors. People can now turn to automated systems to better predict when and where parts are needed.

CMMS software are proven to assist companies in digitally managinh their parts, monitor their plant assets, and schedule maintenance activities. Companies are utilizing these programs and systems to mitigate unplanned breakdowns, whereby improving overall business performance.

Change Management

During implementation of a new system, adding new processes or introducing new procedures, change management will become an important consideration. In every organization, there is managerial inertia which results in resistance or pushback to the new ways of doing things. Learning how to best manage change is as important as the new system itself.

Include your staff from all levels to be involved in the implementation of new systems to improve adoption rates and lower the time needed for the whole organization to get on board. New systems and processes often come with a hefty price tag in terms of human capital and financial resources - and a lot of change management comes with the company's ability to engage with team members in education, awareness, and orientation. The period between resistance and adoption could mean the difference in increased or decreased productivity.

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