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29 - 30 November 2021
-  Trying to imagine if PV can be environmentally and economically sustainable?
-  Wondering how to design an effective PV system that is financially feasible?
-  Can’t seem to find the right people to manage your solar facilities?
-  Looking to expand your PV solar operations in the Asia-Pacific region?
-  Worried that you’re being left behind in the latest PV system technologies?
-  Looking to explore profitable opportunities in the PV market?
What if you could answer all these questions?
Find real Sustainability solutions here!
Image by Karsten Würth
Why Solar?
“ We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun, you don't have to do anything, it just works. It shows up every day. ” - Elon Musk, Tesla
The Question should be

Why not Solar?

SolarX is a premier renewable energy event that will explore renewables such as PV Solar as an environmentally sustainable and financially feasible option for businesses. Technology is an important part of solar innovation, but is there a point to adopting a multitude of technologies if there isn’t a way to implement them economically?

The main objective is to provide solutions that you have regarding how you can effectively design, implement, and staff your PV energy grid system in a way that matches the latest trends, technologies, and innovations – whilst remaining both environmentally and financially sustainable. This is a premier event that aims to combine the best of both worlds in one place, with a panel of speakers sharing experience and technical know-how in managing Solar Projects around the world.

Why wait any longer? The sun rises on a new day of technology and sustainability!