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26 - 27 October 2021

  • Pressured to increase equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs?
  • Sky-high maintenance costs when manufacturing cost per unit is down and breakdowns are absent?
  • Looking to Digitize maintenance but have concerns about the effectiveness?
  • Digitalization plans impacted by the pandemic?
  • Ready for the next step in your Digitalization journey?
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Image by Garett Mizunaka
MaintenanceX is an exclusive maintenance platform that will feature pivotal and insightful maintenance discussions both within Malaysia and abroad. Our team has selected the most experienced field and industry experts to provide you with a unique look on the new trends, issues and technologies that are shaping the maintenance world today.

The aim of this event is to deliver answers to the question of whether or not maintenance has arrived at the crossroads of digitalization. Organizations now operate in an ever-changing technological environment, and in a pandemic - this calls for a change in thinking and leadership. Prepare yourself for a new normal in tomorrow’s maintenance processes - be a part of Maintenance