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What we do,
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Speaker in front of a Crowd

IK Academy is a strong proponent of knowledge exchange, surpassing conventional thought, and building networks - these are the hallmarks of our conferences and seminars. Let us know if we can register you for one of our events, or if we can help you organise your own.


Bringing people together with international business leaders and global experts, coupled with exciting industry concepts and ideas – IK Academy’s conferences create a synergizing atmosphere of learning and innovation to spearhead not just individual growth, but also organizational growth.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

We believe that no man is an island. Hence, we have built a network of partnerships with locally and internally accredited entities, resulting in unique seminars and special training courses offered only at IK Academy.


In addition to IK Academy’s own training programs and courses, we also collaborate with local and international professional organizations and accredited entities, resulting in unique seminars and special training programs that are not offered anywhere else.

We invite you to tap into the knowledge and idea banks of speakers and trainers considered to be authority figures on their subject matter, who are also in charge of regulating national and international standards and practices.

Some of our past collaborated partners:

Image by Andrew Neel

If you're looking for optimal growth of your business, we believe it starts with your people.

IK Academy understands this well, and as such, offers one-to-one consultancy packages to identify your organisation’s needs and to custom-design a training program or conference that best suits those needs.


While our public courses continue to provide access to remarkable competitive edge, our years of experience in conducting training and conferences together with our interaction with valued clients have taught us that organisational needs can be exceptionally niche and individual.

Call any of our offices in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Melbourne and we’ll be happy to help.

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