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3 Digitalization Trends for the Pandemic Era

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

The world is well into the second year of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, and this has driven a massive push within a great variety of industries to digitalize their operations. With many nations still experiencing lockdowns, many organizations have been forced to look to the internet to remain in business. According to tech news agency digitalwerk, some of the trends are:

The Rise of the Professional Digital Studio

With nearly all physical face-to-face meetings being phased out to accommodate new Work From Home arrangements, platforms like Zoom have become the popular way to get employees together. This also means that a new level of production and professionalism will have to be considered. Part of the digital studio includes, stable high-speed broadband internet connections to accommodate a large amount of concurrent users.

The need for better sound engineering, lighting setups, green screens and tech savvy is compulsory in order to project the organization as being professional even on the virtual stage. Gone are the days of grainy webcams and poor microphone audio quality, consumers and clients demand a much higher standard of fidelity and quality from their online interactions.

Video & Voice Content is a Must

The consumption of video content, in both long and short forms have virtually skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. People are finding themselves locked down and forced to work from their homes - and videos, alongside podcasts have been shown to be the driving force in online media. The sense of isolation that people feel actually means that seeing a human face in a video interacting with them becomes a point of connection that was once taken for granted.

Audio-based voice content, such as podcasts also continue to grow in popularity and meaning. Big brands have been found to use podcasts in order to improve their brand image, and to create a form of storytelling. Podcasts also allow companies to spread and share their message to an increasing number of people that are glued to their mobile devices - in a method that isn't just a collection of static text.

Singlegrain, an SEO agency notes the following 2021 digitalization trend:

Chatbots are the new digitalization cornerstone

According to industry surveys, it is believed that Chatbots will power over 85% of customer service platforms by 2020. It was found that some of the major benefits that businesses found regarding chatbots were the 24-Hour availability to answer simple customer questions, and that the responses were instant - versus having to be held in a phone queue traditionally.

Chatbots are useful beyond their constant uptime and instant responses, but they are also a way to automate and respond to repetitive and commonly askes questions. This frees up the customer service personnel to work on more complex and unique customer service cases. The chatbots are able to record and recall the client's purchase history, message history, order numbers, and other important client data - which can help to expedite resolutions.

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