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3 Manufacturing Trends for 2021

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

According to Hitachi Solutions, these are some of the trends that will impact production and manufacturing in the year 2021:

1) Employee Safety during the Pandemic - Whilst safety has always been a focus of the manufacturing industry, the outbreak of Covid-19 has shifted into focus, a new set of rules on sanitization, social distancing, and vaccination of employees. This is in addition to any safety precautions set in place to reduce workplace accidents and incidents.

2) Shift from B2C (Business to Consumer) - In the past, manufacturers of parts would seek out intermediaries and vendors to move their inventory. However, the change to online commerce has seen more producers sell directly to consumers, allowing them to gather better consumer data, increase their profits, and move new product lines faster to market.

3) Prevalence of 3D Printing Technology - The latest models of 3D printers have allowed manufacturers to create faster prototypes with greater detail and accuracy. They have also allowed manufacturing designers to create rigs and structures to test out entirely new product lines that would have proven far too costly in the past.

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