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Electrical Safety Tips for your Workplace

Electrical wiring and equipment runs throughout a majority of commercial and industrial spaces, and in day-to-day operations, there could be hundreds of contact points where staff members are interfacing with an electricity. How confident are you that your workplace is safe from electrical hazards, are there safeguards being undertaken to reduce the risk of injury or even death? Pick up some quick tips here:

Understand the Electrical Hazards as they commonly present themselves:

  • Overloaded electrical plugs

  • Hanging or exposed wires

  • Equipment that is outdated, damaged or in need of repair

  • Constantly wet or damp conditions

  • Damaged wiring or electrical junctions

All these factors can be spotted by workers and staff, and should be reported immediately for repair and corrective measures.

How you should work properly with electrical equipment

  • Have you checked that the equipment is being used with the right adapter and voltage?

  • Have you checked that the equipment has not been damaged or misused in any way before using it yourself?

  • Have you put on your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear? If so, have you made sure that it is being worn in the correct manner?

  • Have you done a quick visual sweep of the area that you will be working in with said equipment?

These may seem like small and basic steps, but they are great ones to start with as they drill into every staff member that they should always be thinking about electrical safety. That a few minutes spent on inspecting their environment, PPE gear, and electrical equipment can result in a much safer operating environment, and spare them from what could be a life-long or even mortal injury.

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