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3 Key Safety Inspector Qualities

Safety professionals continue to be sought after by a variety of industries, but a safety inspector isn't just there to point out hazards and ensure safe operations. Today's safety professional is a leader in their own right - by leading others to develop safe workplace behaviours, and being able to plan for new workplace activities and acquisitions.

Make your behaviour the safety benchmark

Whether it's constantly checking for danger spots in key operational areas, or by double checking hazards to movement - make sure others can always rely on the consistency of your action. If you're always vigilant and reminding people to be on the lookout for potential hazards, you set the tone and expectation of what "safe behaviour" should look like.

Be invested in your team members

Being a safety inspector is most effective when you genuinely care about saving lives and protecting their wellbeing. Get to know your team members and be observant about their habits - as some of them could lead to workplace accidents if not checked. It's also a way to build rapport with everyone and ensure everyone is looking out for each other. You can't always be around to double check that they are behaving safely.

Strong internal communication standards

The best way to prevent workplace accidents is through proactive approaches to prevention. One of the most effective ways is to organize safety meetings with your team members and to gather information from them about what their safety concerns are. Although it's your job to ensure that the environment is safe for all of them to operate in, there may be something you've missed that others have picked up on. Use this opportunity to build a culture where people feel comfortable sharing their concerns with you regarding potential hazards.

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