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Solar Panels Technicians

 8 CDP Approved by ST | 12 CPD Approved by MBOT

 HRDC Claimable | 2 Days Training 

PV Solar System

PV Solar System - Achieve Immediate Grid Parity With A Modern Solar Power System

The 2-day course will explain the overview of PV system and implementation in Malaysia, issues related to greenwashing, what is energy saving? And why is energy saving important with PV systems?
We will also cover important topics on PV module characteristics, solar PV performance and comparison, selection, ROI and risk involved, design and installation of PV system, operation and maintenance of PV system, components in a PV system, international standards governing PV systems and integration case study.
A simple demonstration of standalone PV systems will be carried out on the 2nd day to show the real components and understand how they are connected.

Course Outline

Overview and Introduction about PV System

  • Difference between Solar water heaters and Solar electricity generators.

  • What is Net Metering/FIT?

  • What is stand alone PV?

  • Is Net Metering/FIT of benefit to householders/building owners?

  • Is stand alone PV more beneficial to residential premises than Net Metering/FIT?

  • Greenwashing and what is energy saving?

Current PV implementation in Malaysia and around the world

PV Module Characteristics

  • Different PV modules work in different conditions.

  • Know the characteristics to choose the correct module for your location and system requirements.

Solar PV Performance and Comparison

  • Why does 1Mw of this PV panel produce 60% more energy per year than 1Mw of another panel, yet both panels cost the same price?

Selection, ROI, Risk & Performance of Solar System

  • How to select the correct PV for your use.

  • Correct selection can bring the ROI down from 11 years to 5 years by improved performance.

Design & Installation of PV Systems

  • Design to save energy not just for the sake of adding Solar panels. Solar panels DO NOT save energy.

  • Ensure installers are members of the local, professional, PV associations.

Operation & Maintenance of PV Systems

  • Learn how to check your PV system and know where to get professional maintenance and repairs quickly.

Standards of PV Systems

  • Applicable Standards of PV Systems

Interaction of PV System Components

  • Can I buy Solar panels from one supplier and put them with solar controllers from another supplier and solar batteries from yet another supplier?

  • How to buy dedicated PV systems.

PV Inverter and grid integration

  • Why is my 98% efficient Inverter only 20% efficient when I switch on 1 light bulb at night?

  • Do I need to use an Inverter?

  • Why would I want to use Solar power if I already have electricity from TNB. Isn't this wasteful to have both TNB and PV together?

  • How much power is lost when I put my PV output into the TNB grid?

Energy Storage

  • What is the difference between a car battery and a solar battery and why is this important?

Case Study – Integration of PV System in Commercial Building/ Industrial Plants

  • Comparing Net Metering/FIT over 21 years to stand alone PV over 21years. See which is the better method to save energy and cost.

Demonstration of standalone PV system

  • See the real components and how they are connected.

Future of PV System


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