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SCADA Market Growth Forecasts

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

SCADA remains a vital IIoT systems that monitors the overall industrial systems, by letting the operator(s) tap in directly to various valves, pumps, motors, sensors, gauges and PLCs. As such SCADA systems remain an integral part to a variety of industries. According to Kymera Systems, here are some of the trends related to SCADA:

Growth of the SCADA Market

Infrastructe Developmentfor the global SCADA market are the assessment of new oil and gas fields, as well as the low operationeal costs of the SCADA system itself. The increase in demand for new and reliable power distribution as well as transmission systems and remote monitoring are also fueling this growth. 

SCADA systems are already commonly deployed within the oil and gas industry. They deliver superior security and reliability. This results in an increase in profitability of oil & gas operations within the sector.

Infrastructure Considerations

The water and wastewater implementations of SCADA are expected to grow and accelerate in the coming years. SCADA is helpful by reducing their costs over the mid and long-term by ensuring reliable system operations that can predict, prevent, and react to all sorts of operational issues that may arise, reducing the possibility of downtime or other unforeseen events. 

Urban infrastructure, which is comprised of the electrical grid, water supply, traffic control, among others, all rely on SCADA for their functions and overall flow. Developing economies, mostly in Asia, is expected to generate the need for SCADA systems in this regard.

Regional Market Growth

The Asia-Pacific region is expected to remain a leader in the SCADA market and is expected to grow at an even faster pace in the coming years. Large scale users such as India and China will have an increased demand for SCADA products and solutions, particularly within the energy field.

The North America market however, remains a close second - with the most significant investments being in the oil and gas industry, this is being coupled with the surge within the Industrial Internet of Things which are contuing to drive market growth in the region.

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