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New Robotic Welding Trends

Manufacturing companies are now looking to automation systems like robotic welding to become more competitive, meet the market's demand, and produce faster. According to Marlinwire, here are a couple of the new robotic welding trends:

Production Monitoring Solutions

Manufacturing organizations seeking to gain a higher production efficiency eventually turn to production monitoring solutions. These solutions result in more precise measurements and engage processes in a more effective fashion. As a result, this increases the overall part build. These new production monitoring systems have the benefit of saving time for the line managers, which hastens the manufacturing process whilst still maintaining quality levels.

Adaptive Welding Advancements

New sensors have been developed to tbe added to robots to make them more user-friendly for the operator, and also to enhance speed and adaptability.

These sensors give robots a simulated sense of "touch" and "sight" as they move along a seam. The result is clearer and more detailed information relayed back to the operator.

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