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New Lift & Elevator Trends

New Lift and Elevator technologies have sprung up recently and undergone some revolutionary adaptations as a result of emerging trends. Here are a few recent trends from 2021 that we can explore, thanks to the findings from Euro-Lifts UK.

Green lifts

The most recent & best lift brands have transitioned to elevators that have designed in a "green" way for sustainable development. Green elevators utilize high-efficiency motor systems that reduces energy usage by half when compared to the traditional geared systems. The use of light-weight, coated steel belts in elevators instead of the usual steel wire ropes have resulted in more energy efficiency. Adoption of roller guides instead of lubricants have also improved sustainability.

Green elevators are able to reduceenergy consumption, but are also superior when it comes to energy recovery. Green elevators greatly reduce the user's overall carbon footprint beginning from their manufacture in the line and all the way to their final installation.

Modern Control Systems

Lift manufacturers have been developing new innovative control systems. Elevators will be much less likely to have the basic up/down combination of buttons and will more likely ask passengers to input their destination floor before the users enter the elevator. With this data on which floors passengers are travelling to, the lift system itself can more intelligently select which elevators should pick up which users in order to reduce wait and transit intervals.

Multi-Cab Elevators

A major design innovation used to reduce the overall footprint of the elevator system in a building is to increase the passenger capacity within the system, this design paradigm has resulted in innovative concepts where a building hosts fewer elevator shafts in order to service a particular facility. The emergence of such systems are known as double-deck elevators, which have two elevator cabs in one moving unit. The two cabs are linked and move unison. It's been proven that a double-deck elevator can increase passenger capacity because it has the ability to serve two floors at the same time.

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