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Automotive Tech Trends in 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

According to Linchpin SEO, the follow automotive technology trends will continue to see growth and relevance moving into 2022:

Car Manufacturing focusing on Digital Integration

Car manufacturers continue to integrate more digital technology into their vehicles. Tech giants such as Google and Tesla are working on electric and self-driving vehicles. There’s fierce competition amongst car and technology companies to develop revolutionary operating systems to power and control newly designed zero-emission electric vehicles. These electric vehicles are usually designed in constructed with an impressive suite of digital capabilities.

Connected & Communicating Vehicles

Vehicles will now be more connected to the Internet of Things using wireless technology. These vehicles provide a safe and convenient multimedia experience by using functions that allow you to access the web while in your vehicle. Connected vehicles can communicate with a range of other systems outside their local area network. These vehicles are able to utilize the internet data of devices both internally and externally. Data telemetry of this kind allows for up-to-date car diagnostics, navigations suggestions and access to 4G hotspots.

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Gain Popularity

Fuel cell electric vehicles are in a strong position to take more market share in the automotive field in the year 2022. More tech-savvy consumers means more demand for fuel cell electric vehicles because they recharge faster, have up to 5 times the range of other types of electric vehicles, and only discharge water as a waste product. Car and truck manufacturers have been investing heavilt into fuel cell electric vehicle development.

Autonomous Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles have been around for while now, but they will be more prevalent in the coming years. Research has shown that self-driving vehicles are safer, reduce driver fatigue and results in much lower rates of driver negligence-related accidents. Autonomous vehicles also improve fuel efficiency by 10%, and reduce CO2 emissions by 42 million metric tons a year. Trucking companies have already installed self-driving technology, with tests being run nationwide. As 2022 approaches, autonomous vehicles will become more common.

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