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3 Ways to Improve Organizational Resilience

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

1) Remember the 3As - Anticipate, Adapt & Assess. Anticipate future challenges and opportunities. Adapt by mobilizing your team members to work in a collaborative manner. Assess and review the progress of the company’s collective learning process. Every organization should always start with a business continuity plan in order prepare for eventualities like the global pandemic.

2) Acknowledge there is a problem – The difference between a resilient company and one that won’t survive a crisis is the simple fact that the better one is always prepared to acknowledge and accept when a major disaster happens. Resilient companies also use major incidents as a source of learning and experience, weaker ones only react to the situation with no effective strategies in place.

3) Choose effective crisis management leaders – Do not default to selecting individuals based on certain roles or even just on seniority. You should always choose someone with the correct personality and temperament to make good decisions, work with outside parties, and be able to perform under situations of critical pressure. These individuals make the difference to any crisis command team, large or small.

~ This insight was taken from our June 3rd, 2021 Free Webinar session on our Facebook page.

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