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2022 Commercial Pump Trends

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The commercial pumps and piping industry are being influenced by world events and advances in technology. The most innovative companies, however, are the ones doing the influencing. According to Pumptec, here are some of the expected future trends of this industry:

Greater Flow Control Accuracy

Industries that require the dispensing of chemicals at varying yet precise flow rates oftentimes find that providing a different pump for each application simply isn’t practical both for implementation and cost reasons.

Adjustable flow rate pumps have been around in laboratory settings, but their use in commercial applications has been expensive and typically resulted in frequent breakdowns due to the overly demanding conditions of utilization.

2022 has provided the industry with more options via the inclusion of variable speed flow controllers on industrial-grade commercial pumps. Operators can fine tune precise flow rates with the turn of a knob, easily changing the voltage and motor speed to achieve ultra-precise dispensing of products.

Smart Pump Technologies

IoT applications have begun to form a large component in industry and manufacturing, and they have begun to make an impression on the commercial pump industry as well. Smart pump sensors are increasingly being integrated into pump systems to precisely measure and control flow rates, PSI, and pH levels.

Sensors on pumps also help with preventative maintenance by detecting excessive vibration, pressure loss, temperature fluctuations and other variances, allowing operators to address issues before the failures eventually result in expensive breakdowns and downtime.

Waste Reduction & Sustainability

The costs of chemicals used in many industries such as commercial cleaning, agriculture, and more continue to climb. Poor pump performance can lead to excessive waste and uneven coverage. The biggest issue is the potential damage to the environment, resulting from excessive fluid discharge, leaks, or bursting. Precise flow control and reduced product waste will help reduce costs and save the environment.

Related to waste reduction are sustainability initiatives for pumps. Manufacturers are realizing the value of commercial pump manufacturers that can provide long-lasting products that don’t need replacing and won’t end up in landfills. They’re also leveraging pump technologies that help reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, minimize the use of fossil fuels, and reduce downtime.

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