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Welding's Tech-Savvy Future

Welding technology advancing means better productivity, reduced wastage, and better-quality finishes. According to Soldamatic, a welding technology provider – here are a couple of the latest tech-welding welding trends that we can look forward to in the coming future. The only way to prepare is to familiarize yourself with them.

Augmented reality welding

AR Welding allows a welding student to take a plastic-based piece and interact with it while it behaves as a Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum piece would when it is welded. Also, Augmented Reality welding closely simulates welding in reality. This lets the welding student see and to feel what a welding environment is like using real equipment. This includes using a real welding mask and real welding torches, enhancing the experience, and learning process.

AR welding also reduces the cost of consumables, lowers risk of accidents, and allows for more welders to be trained at one time.

Robotic welding

Machine learning, robotics, advanced sensors, cloud technology, 5G connectivity has meant that the bar has been raised completely regarding the capability of programmed welding. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), will result in smart technologies that scales well for the majority of industries that employ autonomous welding. For the welding industry, this means greater collection of data points, higher quality manufacturing, and more accurate reporting and documentation.

Robotic Welding is projected to be valued in excess of $10B by the year 2026, with manufacturing industrial robots experiencing an overall growth of about 80%.

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