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Solar Trends in a Post-Covid 2022

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

As the world continues to forge ahead in times of a post-covid economy, it has become obvious that the increasing demand in energy will continue to rise despite people returning to the workplace as lockdown measures and travel restrictions continue to ease into a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy. As such the solar sector's growth in the past two years does not seem to be slowing by any measure. According to Nature World News, here are some trends to look out for:

Sizeable cost reductions to continue

Solar energy costs stand to drop another 25% by 2022. Analysts are predicting that the costs of constructing solar power technology will continue to decrease at an average rate of 4.4% each year. This reduction of cost thresholds are due to the globalization of tools and resources, and this accessibility will kickstart the adoption of solar solutions, allowing the individuals of 2022 to maintain their current standard of living without too much difficulty.

Solar-related employment will rise

As solar energy prices reach all-time lows, homeowners have elected to install solar panel systems at very affordable rates. As a result of this, job opportunities in the solar installation field have increased substantially. The effects of this new job surge can be felt in nations such as the USA, China and Japan.

Experts predict that the solar energy sector will grow at an average of 13% per year between 2020 and 2030, meaning this golden opportunity to join the fleet of solar installation professionals is far from fleeting. Beyond 2022, analysts predict that over 42 million people will work within the renewables sector by the ywar 2050, whether it be in manufacturing, installation, or maintenance.

Demands for solar products will grow

While solar panels will gain widespread acceptance amongst homeowners and business owners alike, other state-of-the-art solar products, like solar-powered smartphone chargers and generators, will be looked upon favorably by future-forward individuals.

Solar generators are noise-free and low-maintenance. Additionally, these solar-powered alternatives feature low running costs and can offset your energy usage volume whether you're telecommuting from you home or at work.

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