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Industrial Waste Management Seminar

On November 30 and December 1, IK Academy hosted the Industrial Waste Management Seminar at Le Meridien Hotel, Petaling Jaya. It was a successful seminar with speakers from Malaysia and abroad - sharing decades worth of their insight and experience with our wonderful delegates. We would like to thank all of you for your support, participation and also your questions.

Our team hopes that the event helped all of you to bring forth new ideas on reducing waste, managing waste for effectively, and being compliant with all the latest government-mandated rules, regulations, and practices. Your role as waste management professionals is key to the long-term health of both the environment and the life that exists on it.

A Sneak Peek inside the Seminar: From the newest regulations regarding scheduled waste and the processes to handle certain types of hazardous waste - our course experts told our participants the best ways to solve their issues with handling chemical sludge and the new technologies that were available for their businesses. From new types of clarifiers to modern membrane filters, our experts expounded on their strengths and limitations - and which were the best solutions depending on industry and volume.

More importantly, case studies were shared from our speakers' wealth of knowledge working on problem sites, sharing even stories of how they turned around a situation catastrophic case of adding too much alkaline solution to their tanks resulting in a total plant shutdown. Speakers also touched on how businesses can better communicate with DoE officers to ensure that issues are highlighted long before a member of public can be endangered with potentially harmful materials.

The seminar was also very interactive, with speakers using an electronic quiz platform to engage with the delegates and ensure that the information presented so far was understood. Additionally, prizes were prepared for the top three performing delegates, resulting in a good time for all - but most importantly, keeping everyone immersed in the best ways to enhance their waste management.

Do not hesitate to join us on our next scheduled seminar or conference, so that you may experience the IK way of learning from the best. E-mail us at

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