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Take advantage of the free benefits available to retrenched employees right now!

The current global pandemic has had an adverse and significant impact on both the Malaysian economy and the existing job market. Part of the Perkeso EIS scheme is to enable current job seekers to be more successful in securing future employment through the use of career-enhancing training programs.


We have a world-class selection of project management courses and a pv-solar course which are all eligible under the EIS scheme. The project management courses will assist in guiding you to become a skilled project manager. Being competent at project management is a highly desirable trait for almost all businesses. Meanwhile the pv-solar course will provide industry insights into a renewable energy sector that is growing year to year.


Our EIS-supported programs are available in both face-to-face physical training sessions, and also online training sessions. You’re free to choose which suits you best.


to apply for PERKESO EIS supported programs?

You must be:


  1. Malaysian citizen aged 18-50 years old

  2. Retrenched in the past 3-6 months

  3. VSS or MSS employees


If you qualify based on the above eligibility criterias, then don’t hesitate further and contact us regarding the following Project Management Courses (and more!)

IK is striving to open doors for you.

Part of our mission as an organization has always been to enrich the people that place their trust in us during their journey of learning. When it comes to award-winning education and training – We’ve always got your back. 


The world is beginning to heal from the effects of the global pandemic, and it’s time to forge a new path ahead with knowledge. We’re not referring to knowledge that exists in textbooks, we’re talking about concepts that can be realistically integrated into both your professional and personal life. 

There’s new insights and ideas to discover, so let’s all Go Technical!



World-Class Project Management Course at your Fingertips

Applied Project Management 

TP000006C00004 - Brochure Download

Project Planning and Control Using PRIMAVERA P6 

TP000006C00003 - Brochure Download

Project Risk Management

TP000006C00050 - Brochure Download


Unparalleled PV Solar System Training


PV Solar System – Achieve Immediate Grid Parity With A Modern Solar Power System (Face to Face Training) 

TP000006C00008 - Brochure Download


Register Today by contacting

Why should you


of the Perkeso EIS Scheme?

Here are some of the benefits:


  1. Job Search Allowance, successful applicants will receive allowance for up to 6 months during their job searching.

  2. Early Re-Employment Allowance, added financial incentive for those who return to work whilst receiving Job Search Allowance.

  3. Training Fee Coverage of up to RM 4,000 to improve your employability and career skills moving forward.

  4. Further Financial Incentives for completing a training program.

  5. Job Matching and Free Career Counselling to help you get back on your feet.


And much more!

This is an excellent opportunity to turn adversity into opportunity. The EIS program is here to assist you, and so is our passionate team here at IK Academy. 


Moving forward from existing challenges requires new knowledge and solutions, and both our team and the Perkeso EIS scheme will ensure that you meet those challenges with the most practical and applicable solutions.


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