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Smart Grid 2011 - Implementation Issues & Challenges

Achieve more efficient operation, and use of grid assets, and more cost effective expansion of the electric grid.

Electricity is the driving force of economic development worldwide. With the excess use of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide emission surges, causing global warming which includes climate change as well as other sorts of natural disasters. The existing power grids are not connected to renewable energy sources and responsive to power outages.

“Smart grid” is a term that refers to the modernization of the electric system through the integration of new information-age technologies, new strategic public policies, and allows for new uses of the electric grid, both in operations and through new customer side applications, that extract the benefits of more efficient operation, more efficient use of grid assets, and more cost-effective expansion of the electric grid.

Highlights of Smart Grid 2011 Workshops and Case Studies: -
Day 1: Smart Grid Workshop - “Putting the Pieces Together”
Day 2: Global Smart Grid Case Studies
Day 3: Special Workshop on “IEC 61850 Edition 2”

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