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Smart Building Conference 2018
- For People of Tomorrow

Smart Buildings stand as the beacons of tomorrow, capable of connecting with other facilities, exchanging real-time information and responding to changes in the environment.

Imagine the smart city of the future, an intelligent, adaptive and intuitive city which is driven by limitless possibility and innovation. This is the future that awaits us all, provided that we begin laying the groundwork for all the necessary smart people, smart technologies, and most of all smart buildings.

All of this functionality is encompassed within a comfortable easy­-to-use interface. In order for us to reach this phase of facility design, we must meet

According to recent studies, it was found that by the year 2030 the building of the era should be one that is completely independent. The building itself should be capable of self-learning and be functionally autonomous. This conference took our delegates through the process of reaching the smart building of the future - from planning, conceptualization, construction and fitting.

Our selected speakers had our attendees forward to the future of smart building design by sharing their case studies, practical field experience in building design, and new methodologies that they had obtained abroad. An efficient, flexible, and exciting world of smart building management was what we offered our participants in this past conference.

Conference Gallery

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