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Smart Building 2.0 2019 - For People of Tomorrow

With the arrival of 5G networks across major cities of the world, it was vital to begin transforming older structures to become part of a more connected system.

These systems included the use of sensors, smart monitoring processes, cloud- based technologies, and also wireless networks. The journey towards the implementation of smart buildings was proceeding at a pace that was much faster than most businesses were ready for. However, steps were taken by developers to integrate IoT into their core business strategy in order to adapt to an increasingly smart environment.

According to research done by Business Insider, it was reported that in the year of 2018 - the number of IoT devices globally has reached 10 billion units, which is higher than the total use of mobile devices in the world. With the arrival of 5G and the uptake of IoT adoption, buildings had to accelerate their plans to allocate more resources into developing their smart technologies.

In this past conference, our featured guest speakers guided and gave our delegates a clear picture of how existing technologies and smart systems could help them plan for the future. During the event, our speakers shared their case studies, practical field experience, strategic approaches, and insights related to construction and project management. With their combined experience, they were able to help delegates kickstart their journey towards smart buildings.

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