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A Strategic Approach To Facilities Management

HRDC Claimable | 12 CPD Approved by MBOT | 2 Days Training

Course Outcomes:

  1. Understanding the 11 core competencies of facilities management.

  2. Formulating effective strategies and organization structure for facilities management.

  3. Using CMMS tools for effective maintenance and management.

  4. Types of maintenance in different types of organization.

  5. An understanding of real estate and property management in facilities management.

  6. Implement effective project management for refurbishment and upgrading of property assets.

  7. Administration and control of human, finance resources for effective facilities management.

  8. Awareness of QA and QC in the management of facilities.

  9. Safety to ensure facility do not cause hazards to occupants, workers, outsiders and the environment.

  10. Impact of future development and technology affecting facilities management.

Course Module :

Module 1

An Introduction to Facilities Management

Module 2
a. Human Factors
b. Leadership and Strategy
c. Operations and Maintenance

Module 3 
a. Asset Management
b. Project Management

Module 4 
a. Finance and Business
b. Quality

Module 5 
a. Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS)
b. Communications

Module 6 
a. Emergency and Business Continuity
b. Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability
c. Technology

Test papers
Conclusion and Future of Facility Management
Questions and Answers


Who Should Attend:

Target Audience:

  1. Building Owners and Directors,

  2. Developers

  3. Building Maintenance Operators

  4. Facility Managers,

  5. Building Managers,

  6. Maintenance Technicians

  7. Building Inspectors

  8. Building Supervisors

  9. Mechanical Engineers

  10. Electrical Engineers

  11. Structural and Civil Engineers

Industries that would be interested :

  1. Integrated development

  2. Commercial Buildings

  3. Shopping Complexes

  4. Residential High-Rise Properties

  5. Hospitals

  6. Hotels

  7. Universities

  8. Colleges

  9. Factories


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