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Beyond Maintenance 3 2011 - Bridging the Gap for World Class Maintenance

The indispensability of maintenance function and maintenance management has risen tremendously throughout the years of rapid industrial development.

Maintenance has become imperative for companies to boost the profit, increase their productivity and customer satisfaction at the highest possible level.

Reviewing the development history of maintenance, we have come all the way from Reactive Maintenance (or Breakdown Maintenance), Preventive Maintenance (or Schedule Maintenance), to Predictive Maintenance, evolving to Proactive Maintenance and Self Maintenance or Maintenance-Free Machine. We are also being introduced to the famous Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and well-known Reliability Centered Maintenance for many years.

In the 2-day technical event, our eminent group of international speakers and local industrial experts revealed the best practices, latest maintenance trend and maintenance technologies to boost productivity and equipment reliability. Most importantly, Beyond Maintenance 3 Technical Event divulged the remedial maintenance strategies with handy yet effective tools to cope with our delegates’ maintenance obstacles. Successful case studies from the region with tips to motivate your maintenance team were discussed, with the ultimate aim to BRIDGE the GAP for WORLD CLASS MAINTENANCE!

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