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Empowering Knowledge
with Integrity

When we started out in 2008 as iKnowledge, we knew we wanted to be a different kind of organisation. More than just a training provider, we are passionate about helping to create a more skilled, knowledgeable, and efficient workforce that would not only be an invaluable asset to their own organisations but also one that would enrich their environment and the people around them.

We realised we had to start with ourselves. Not just as a group working towards a common goal built on a unified vision, but as individuals - regardless of age, race, religion, or role in IK.


We believe that every individual should expand life with the courage of acquiring knowledge to rise to the peak of performance, with a deep conscience for doing good, and a foundational character of integrity.


We operate with professionalism, a strong work ethic, and a caring heart, to help grow individual talents and corporations, to be an inspiration to the world.

Image by Dylan Posso

With  VISIONARY  leadership that encourages progress with courage and with intelligence, the IK team is inspired every day to stay ahead of the competition and to expand its boundaries.


Image by Nejc Soklič

We practice  INTEGRITY  in our every day life, with our customers and with each other, to advance in life and at work with unwavering character and work ethic.


Our Values

Image by Blaz Erzetic

And we do all this with  PASSION  without which none of our goals would be possible. We practice these values every day. For we believe that practice makes perfect, and in time they become part of our character, and thus, our culture.


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