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Data Quality Management 2009 - Your Biggest Asset

Running and managing a business is always challenging but never easy. It is especially so in today’s business landscape when more and more industry specific compliance initiatives are introduced by authorities to increase the quality and integrity of business practices.

Data is at the core of most compliance initiatives. It is imperative that data must be correct, complete, and trusted in order to avoid penalties and disruptive prosecutions that would occur if found wanting. For many organizations, producing the data is getting less of a challenge but ensuring the data is correct, complete and trusted is a big challenge. Even the best organizations can struggle with un-reconciled discrepancies in their data.

This conference explored the problems of discrepancies in data which were uncorrected, incomplete and untrustworthy. This event suggested some approaches on how to get trusted, timely and accurate data that can be relied upon to stand before any compliance committee.

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