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Takeaways: Training Needs Analysis with IK

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Takeaways is a new IK-exclusive Blog Series that shares some key tasty "takeaways" from real training sessions that we host online or offline with industry experts. On the 28th & 29th of July 2021, IK Academy held an online training entitled, "Training Needs Analysis (TNA)". I had the pleasure of hosting that online session on behalf of IK, and wanted to share some of what I learnt from the session with those of you who couldn't attend.

Takeaway 1: Always ensure that when conducting TNA, you do it at the right time. The best time to do it is during the company's annual performance review period. This is because you can use the opportunity to highlight employee strengths and weaknesses, and suggest trainings to send them to in order to shore up their shortcomings in performance.

Takeaway 2: It isn't possible to come up with an effective TNA evaluation just by involving one or two persons from HR. You need to include members from other departments to get feedback on which skills are required to be improved for their respective teams. Each team has its own unique requirements, which means the proposed trainings should also match this.

Takeaway 3: Knowledge-sharing can be an effective cost-saving tool, by having some key persons attend a training and returning to their respective teams to share what they have learned from training. This is a way to keep your teams informed without placing too much financial strain on your organization.

To get the full-course knowledge meal, you should always join our training programmes, email us at

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