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Takeaways: Managing Training Function Effectively with IK

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Takeaways is a new IK-exclusive Blog Series that shares some key tasty "takeaways" from real training sessions that we host online or offline with industry experts. On the 4th of August 2021, IK Academy held an online training entitled, "Managing Training Function Effectively". I had the pleasure of hosting that online session on behalf of IK, and wanted to share some of what I learnt from the session with those of you who couldn't attend.

Takeaway 1: When you organize a team-building training session for your organization, ensure that the activities are actually relevant to the objectives of the excursion. For example, individual recreational activities such as archery or flying fox do not actually contribute much to enhancing your team's sense of co-operation.

Takeaway 2: Do not at any point, neglect health and safety considerations when planning a company training session that involves travel. Ensure that insurance costs per employee are factored into the final training budget. Never take an operator's word on safety limits of certain vehicles used for transportation, always double check the tolerances of weight and on-board safety equipment - especially if you are traveling by boat or ferry.

Takeaway 3: When thinking about arranging for insurance for your staff on training trips outside of the office, take into account that certain facilities and institutes can provide their own in-house trainers, these individuals understand their home ground better and their training sessions are also usually insured by default as they are attached to the training grounds. If you opt to use an external trainer that isn't affiliated with the facility, you might find yourself uninsured for certain accidents or contingencies.

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