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Sustainable Building Materials in 2022

Green Building Initiatives continue to see a surge in popularity and growth in the past few years, and there are some new developments in the materials portion of the green building market. These new developments will no doubt have an impact on how facilities are constructed moving forward. According to Construction 21 International - here are some of the forward-thinking material solutions:

Smart Glass

It has been known to designers that natural light helps to reduce the need for higher electric light consumption. Smart glass is a new innovation that transforms its surface based on the amount of heat and air conditioning present in any space. The glass turns translucent during the hotter previods to prevent any further heating that may need your HVAC systems to work harder. The glass becomes transparent in the colder periods to allow natural light to assist in heating up the space.

Composite Roofing

Composite roof shingles are sustainable since these materials require only a fraction of the maintenance upkeep. Constant repairs and replacing of building materials can become a significant overhead in maintenance costs. Common roof tile types like asphalt shingles and wood usually produce cracks and eventually fade over time. These traditional materials have a tendency to introduce moisture and air into the facility - which directly affects heating and cooling efficiency levels.

Bamboo Vs. Wood

Bamboo has a similar appearance to wood while having a harvest cycle of only three years, compared to a standard tree with a harvest cycle of 25 years. Utilization of bamboo can help to slow down the rate of deforestation by giving trees time to grow back by choosing bamboo as an alternative. In addition, you can use bamboo in other interior designs, such as eatern-inspired decor for a variety of living areas. Bamboo is not only a more sustainable alternative to wood, but it has a unique and natural appearance that provides its own unique aesthetic to any space.

Insulated Concrete Frames

Framing can help determine the sort of renovations your building can withstand. Framing is another fundamental element in controlling heating and cooling overheads. Pre-manufactured wood panels are usually shipped with small cracks that transfer moisture and air into and out of a building. Using an ICF construction provides an airtight seal that will prevent unwanted transfers whilst providing a thermal presence to maintain consistent temperatures within the facility.

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