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Hi-Tech Construction Industry Developments

The world is finally seeing a relief from the recent pandemic, and as economies are kickstarted - many projects and land development initiatives can finally begin or resume. It has been a long road to get here, with many challenges still to overcome - whether financially or health-wise. However, the construction industry has seen interesting developments both during the pandemic and now proceeding after it. According to construction equipment leasing organization, Bigrentz - here are two of them:

Construction Drones

The construction industry has seen usage of construction drones to be one of the fastest growing trends, usage has achieved a staggering increase of over 230%.

Drones are utilized for quick and rapid mapping over large expanses of land. These results then produce heat and thermal images that can be used by surveyors. Drone software providers the user with real-time and accurate information about the site, giving project managers better command and control over their project area.

Drones are also able to perform tasks that are hazardous to human operators, including squeezing into tight and dangerous spaces to check for construction defects, or even flying to higher altitudes to check on structure-related concerns.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Expected to be valued at more than a trillion dollars by the end of 2030, the AR market is one of the most exciting developments in the construction industry. AR is the gateway to much better visual staging for projects, and for marketing pre-construction projects to clients and vendors alike.

AR makes use of wearable heads up displays and 360-degree video to enable:

  • Visualization of projects and construction areas in full 3D

  • Software-driven project calculations, especially on buildings

  • Real-time simulation of structure, material, and design elements of the project

  • 3D renderings of any hazards, risks, and safety-concerns commonly found in construction projects.

Although the Virtual Reality (VR) sector of entertainment has existed for many years up until now, it has yet to become a mainstream form of media. AR however, is more compact and convenient to use without overly large and complicated equipment. "Seeing is believing" continues to be a large part of the client experience, and that is where AR truly shines.

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